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With the legalization of cannabis in Canada and several states, many consumers have wondered how to keep their medicine safe and secure. The client came to us with a brand and idea in hand, but needed help rounding things out creatively to meet the maturity of their audience. I designed a website that had functionality in mind to match the functionality of the product they were selling. Panels pushing the main content left and right helped orient the user, and made the experience more engaging. I also designed two colour schemes for the two main colourways of the device as a way to clearly distinguish the feeling each one would provide the consumer. The design of the device needed to be front-and-centre. I art directed and managed 3D renders to work on various applications—from hero components to app onboarding screens and social. I put forward designs for the app itself as well—making sure the look and feel tied in nicely to the design system we established on the website.



Dim Sum Club




Product Designer
Art Director

Live Site


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