Paulo Garcia

Interface Concepts

Some work-in-progress mock-ups for Siemens and RAM.

Agency: SapientRazorfish


Cinemagraphs made with Phhhoto (RIP).


Corrected and published on VSCO.


Labour Day Long Weekend, 2017.



The speed at which sound travels is also the name of an Instagram account where I post some of my travel shots along with a minute-long sound bite. I'm hoping to use this experiment as a chance to see if the experience and pace of Instagram can be augmented, by designing content that takes a little longer to digest than usual (kind of like "slow TV"). Take the time to look at still images longer, maybe listen to music you normally wouldn't.

Instagram: @332.mps



Sweep was a conceptual app designed to integrate useful and flexible digital tools into the world of Nike and pick-up basketball. With some friends, I helped ideate the UI and UX of the app, art direct photoshoots and bumpers, design print and digital versions of a pitch deck.

See the pitch site here.

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